What did you mean about sidewalk? Sidewalk this is the place whose the people were walk. A sidewalk is a very important feature that is seen throughout public places. Sidewalks lead to homes, buildings, shopping centers, car parks, and many other important areas. Sidewalks can also be used around residential homes leading to the entrance, throughout the garden, and along the side of your home. They are a necessity. Sidewalk that is featured throughout a public place will protect the public from oncoming traffic. Sidewalk can protect your gardens throughout your home. A sidewalk will not just protect your garden but it is also a place for people to walk and admire your gracious gardens. It can be used to enter your home. This will add beauty and enhance the front area of your home. Sidewalks can be featured throughout national parks. You can walk along a paved sidewalk without disturbing nature’s beauties and enjoy the serenity of surrounding areas.

Bry. Industrial Valley Complex

Sidewalk in Marikina City  (Baranggay Industrial Valley Complex)

In the picture below, you can see the sidewalk is almost 1 meter away from the main road. The sidewalk is useless because the sidewalk for the people is used to park their cars in the sidewalk. Even though, it is a residential house. It is not good to see car were placing in the sidewalks because, it can cause minor accidents and traffics. In the picture the sidewalk is not elevated because the main road is not widely. It is two ways only. And the house is small. If the sidewalk are elevated in Industrial Valley Complex are elevated, the flooring of the house will have water when the rains come. It’s good the sidewalk is not elevated in Industrial Valley Complex. The drainage in Industrial Valley Complex is placing at the middle of the main road. It is not placing at the sidewalk.

River Banks

Sidewalk in Marikina City (River Banks)

You can see in the picture below. The sidewalk is had a pink line or boundaries. Why it is have a pink line or boundaries? It means you’re only property is in the line. If you don’t follow in the pink line or boundaries you will arrest by MMDA. Even though it is not beautiful in the front of the house have a color pink line. It is a food station. They abuse the sidewalk so, MMDA had a plan to period there problems or solution there problem. They put some mark; it means that’s your property. It is effective.

Sidewalk with sleeping poor guy

You can see in the picture below there is a poor boy sleep in the sidewalk. It cause by the poverty. Nowadays, there lot of family they had no house, so they leave at the sidewalk. They companion the people always walking in the sidewalk. It is very challenging to leave in the sidewalk because you will meet you’re mortal enemies like air from the cars, when the rain drops, climate, the noisy in the population, the smell of the surroundings, wastes of peoples and etc. in the world, there’s lot of people they don’t had a house than they had house. They choice to leave in the sidewalk because it’s relaxing and don’t have any bills. The electricity and water is free, but it is hard to leave because you don’t have any privacy.

Sidewalk vendors in Marikina City

The sidewalk is not only for walking. It can be use to stall a store. The sidewalk vendors are used that space because for the advantages of the people. If you are walking and you spot the vendors you can buy the things what you want that have in the far places, less effort, less hazel, less haggard. But almost, all sidewalk vendors they had n business permit. So, if the catcher comes the sidewalk vendors are easy to get there thing and run faster. A vendor, or a supplier, is a supply chain management term meaning anyone who provides goods or services to a company. A vendor often manufactures inventorial items, and sells those items to a customer. Vendors may or may not function as distributors of goods. They may or may not function as manufacturers of goods. If vendors are also manufacturers, they may either build to stock or build to order. Vendor’ is often a generic term, used for suppliers of industries from retail sales to manufacturers to city organizations. ‘Vendor’ generally applies only to the immediate vendor, or the organization that is paid for the goods, rather than to the original manufacturer or the organization performing the service if it is different from the immediate supplier.

Sidewalk art

In the other places the sidewalk is used in art like in the picture that you can see. It’s like a realistic. To makes the sidewalk is beautiful. It is very common to see a sidewalk had no design or same the feature of the sidewalk. So, the artist had an idea to make it beautiful and unique.