Bahay Kubo and Bahay na Bato

Bahay Kubo

            What did you mean about Bahay Kubo? Bahay Kubo is an old shelter, were the people live. They build a Bahay Kubo to have a shelter. It is made in bamboo straps and nipa hut. Nowadays, seldom to see a house like a Bahay Kubo, because in this year all the things are had made a change. Lately our climate is not like in this year. The appearance of the Bahay Kubo, the first floor of the Bahay Kubo is elevated. So it is like second floor. The ground floor is the basement of the house. The other Bahay Kubo is easy to transfer to the other places, almost 20 people’s lifter to lift the house. They do that because of the disasters. In Metro Manila it is hard to see Bahay Kubo, if there’s a person had a confident or dignity in their self to build a Bahay Kubo in the residential area, I’m very proud of him. I’m not fright if the typhoon came and there Bahay Kubo is destroyed. It is not good to see a Bahay Kubo in residential area. Bahay Kubo it is good to build in province not in Manila. Think this, in the residential area. In the right there’s a modern house and in the left had a classic house. In the middle is the Bahay Kubo, so you can see it is not balance like a horoscope, logo of lira. Bahay Kubo is easy to burn. If the Bahay Kubo is burning their neighbour s will panic, because the Bahay Kubo is still burning. The houses of their neighbour will burn.  It is hard to control the fire of the house, because Bahay Kubo is made in Bamboo and nipa hut so it is easily to burn.

Modern Bahay Kubo

            Modern Bahay Kubo is a house like our traditional Bahay Kubo. It is made in the Bamboo straps and nipa hut. The difference in the modern Bahay Kubo is the windows and the inside of the house. The windows of the modern Bahay Kubo are not like in our traditional Bahay Kubo. Modern Bahay Kubo is a upgraded of our traditional Bahay Kubo. In the modern Bahay Kubo they have living area, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, master bedroom, porch, laundry area, toilet and bath, maid’s room, and lanai. So we can see while the year is past our economy is upgrading. We can build this in Metro Manila, in residential areas. Therefore it is good to see modern Bahay Kubo in the residential areas, because the Filipinos can’t forget where they come. Modern Bahay Kubo is hard to destroy. Where not build this for modernity. They build this for safeties of the family were live. The design consideration of the modern Bahay Kubo are natural lightning and ventilation, Filipino traditional, zoning, security, accessibility, functionality, sustainable, aesthetics, and practicality. It is affordable because of the materials they used.

Bahay na Bato

            What did you mean about Bahay na Bato? Bahay na Bato it is kind of a shelter were the people leave. It is made in stone, the words itself stone. It is upgraded of the Bahay Kubo. Bahay naBato is better than Bahay na Kubo, because if the disaster came the Bahay na Bato is safe. It is hard to destroy because it is made pure stone. It is built era year of the war. So this is build for the safeties of the soldiers.

In the picture below, you can see the ground floor of the Bahay na Bato are made in the stone. The picture came in the Intramuros, me and my friends come in the Intramuros. It is a store of the antiques. The art of the Filipinos who’s make a history in our country. It is like museum. When you entered you feel you entered in the time machine.

They materials used is a stone not hallow blocks or concrete blocks the width of the stone is not same in the concrete block. It is double size of the concrete block. The concrete blocks are smooth. So if we smashed the concrete blocks it is crushed. If the pure stone will smashed, a little bit will crushed. The workers of the Bahay na Bato is smart, because if they used the concrete blocks for the walls. They’re wasting their money. If the soldier shoot a canon in the wall, the wall is easy to destroy. They used the stone for recycle. They think the result first before they build the house.

Bahay na Bato is nice, but there’s no ventilation. It is not hot, its cold in the inside of the Bahay na Bato, because the air outside go to inside of the house. The airs will not to go out, because there’s had no ventilation.

Similar of Bahay Kubo and Bahay na Bato

            First the Bahay Kubo, the Bahay Kubo is made in the bamboo straps and nipa hut while the Bahay na Bato is made in stone. Bahay na Bato is fully ventilation. So, if theirs had a strong wind. The Bahay Kubo will shake. It is like earthquake. When the rains come, the inside of the house are wet, because the walls and foundation is not made in stones and plywood’s. It is made in nipa hut and bamboo strap.

When I was young, my family and I. Go to the province for vacation. New in my eyes, because it is not like in manila the walls and foundation are concrete block. In the Bahay Kubo is made in the bamboo straps. So when the midnight comes, it so cold and the Bahay Kubo is shaking because of the cars in the roads and the peoples walking in your front because we need go to the cr.

Bahay na Bato is made in pure stone. The walls and foundation are made in stone. Bahay na Bato is stronger than in Bahay Kubo. Bahay Kubo is easy to build than Bahay na Bato but it easy to destroy the Bahay Kubo. So can you imagine how’s the people they do that, they build a house for the safeties and security. In the Bahay Kubo, they easily entered the theft. But in Bahay na Bato is very secured.